Rock Ridge Story

Welcome to our Family here at Rock Ridge Jerky.

We are so proud to be able to share with you our journey in tasty Brisket beef jerky.

We have sold Brisket Jerky in our local farmers markets here in Southern California for going on 6 years.

Enjoying the one on one in person and hands on way of starting a business in the good old USA! Along the way finding great people and customers that LOVE to eat our jerky. Laughing and visiting with weekly jerky lovers of all kinds!

There is nothing like seeing a smile or a nod of the head that say's hello as we yell out "BRISKET BEEF JERKY"

brisket beef jerky, rock ridge jerky, farmers market

What a great way to spend a sunny California day. 

Enjoy! the tender brisket and the flavor. WOW! it's so GOOD for real!

We are also so happy to offer a snack that is beneficial to all of our health. The quality is top priority, premium, all locally sourced. 

That's How the WEST was WON!

Here at Rock Ridge Jerky, we believe that good old USA customer service matters, so email us, chat with us. Drop a line to say hello!

Rock Ridge Jerky 475 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Toll Free 888-750-2087 

You're part of the family now!